Our Educational programs are perfect for students looking to learn Spanish skills. We do offer High School and College Level programs as well as Beginners to Advanced for Adults.


Learn the most used phrases and vocabulary to manage yourself in Spanish speaking countries. Perfect to maximize your experience abroad and connect like never before.


Focus on practical Spanish language speaking and communication skills. All around business scenarios and real life use

How it Works

Group classes are led by US Spanish-native teachers, based in Seattle. Each class is 60 minutes long, typically has few students, and is organized according to the level and interests of participants in order to achieve the best possible learning results for everyone. During the class, the teacher will encourage every student to participate so that everyone makes progress. For example, by going over exercises and asking questions about them, students should easily retain the content of the class. Group classes are held in easy-to-use virtual classrooms, enabling the teacher and students to interact in real-time. By chatting, seeing, hearing, and talking to each other, as well as sharing learning materials, all participants will enjoy an interactive and personalized learning experience.

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