Classes & Seasons

Classes are one hour duration. All programs are online and live.
Fall, Winter and Spring are 10 weeks long. Summer is 5 weeks long. Mid season enrollments are welcome!

Define Your Learning Plan

The first session is a meeting 1:1 with the program planner. The planner will walk with you on the key elements to build your learning path, according to your availability and needs. The planner will provide you with options and recommendations based on experience and your level. Once your plan is set, this will be the road map that the Teachers will follow along the way with you.

 Learning by Immersion and Practice

Immersing our students in the language is a fundamental element of Zoom Spanish. The best way to learn Spanish is by regularly practicing words and phrases, as well as activities that teach you to listen and speak as you study grammar.

Live Classes

Group classes are available on a weekly basis. These live, online classes give you the opportunity to learn Spanish in small, intimate study groups with others. Our classes are designed for small groups, which allows you to engage in conversations and practice the language in an immersion environment.

Our Teachers Are There for You

Studying Spanish with native Spanish speakers is the best way to learn proper pronunciation. You will speak directly with your teacher, ask questions, receive immediate answers, and obtain personalized feedback. The teachers will help you to support your goals and development. You will access your plan anytime and resources to support your goals.

Access to Your Course

Have a busy schedule? With Zoom Spanish, you can join our virtual classes from any location, on any device, as long as you have Internet access. If you’re connected, you can learn Spanish.